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What Clients Say

I had a profound healing experience with Akasia.


I did an akashic record reading in combination with sound healing with a clear question around a topic that was burdening me heavily over the past months. I received precious insights from my akashic records.

Akasia’s transmission was very pure and clear: it felt like I was talking directly to my wiser higher self, as the information felt to be coming deeply from within me and not from the outside. It was a profound and empowering experience, because I received confirmation about how I had been feeling deeply within me but hadn’t had the courage to look at on my own. With her gentle but firm guidance and her ability to connect not only with my records but also with my whole spirit guide team, I could finally accept my truth and move on from the situation burdening me.


Akasia’s session brought a perceivable inner shift to me and empowered me to step into my own Light. I highly recommend working with her!

Luna D., Naples, Italy 

The moment I met Akasia , I was drawn to her grounded, yet magical energy.  She's so loving and supportive and made me feel safe especially in my Akashic Records session.  Akasia has a directness in her questions and approach that gets straight to the heart of the matter, allowing healing to take place on a cellular level. She helped me extract my truth from hidden places within, so that I’m now able to shift my sense of unworthiness into strength, and alchemize my earlier traumas into gold. 

I felt immediate, lasting results from speaking with her for only 45 minutes! And this effect has carried through this past year. I have a recording of our session, but I don’t need to listen to it. The session changed me profoundly, moving me ever so closer towards my higher self. 

Thank you, dear Akasia. You are amazing. 

Erin Parrish Chourey, Portland, OR

Akasia is sincerely devoted to helping souls reach their highest potential. I was referred to her and thought, "I'll just see if she's legit." Turns out, she is! Akasia  is here to share her gifts and her connection to the Universe, through which she helps others find their connection to themselves and the larger Energy. In the best way, it's not about her. She's able to open up and allow so that you can learn what you need.  


I had such a fascinating experience doing Akashic readings prior to joining her at a retreat. Before the retreat, she was always spot on with my Akashic Records readings. Not everything made sense to me at the time even though it felt true to me. During and after the retreat, I saw just how guided she is in what and how she shares the messages, down to the specific words.


During the ceremonies, I was incredibly grateful for and in awe of Akasia 's gentle and nurturing approach to help ease her fellow souls through their journey through her presence and allowing. Her energy was so sweet and reassuring. She is truly there to create and hold space for you as you uplevel and work through your journey. 

Words cannot do the transformation that Akasia has incited within me justice.


Through Akasia's coaching program, I realized my self-worth again, along with realigning my actions to reflect this. I started eating better, I stopped smoking, I started exercising. Akasia inspired me to develop a daily practice of connecting with myself via meditation, affirmations and journaling. She gave me real-world tools to use. I even discovered my life purpose, and was able to experience a paradigm shift. Akasia truly helped me kick start the healing process, and helped me confidently make space for more good in my life.


There’s a perpetual projection of kindness and compassion from Akasia that made me always  feel safe. I never felt judged, rather understood and supported.  Akasia brought subconscious blind spots to the forefront that were blocking me from moving forward in my life. By identifying and healing these blockages, I also gained the ability to fully share my gifts, to make an impact in the world.


I’m so grateful to Akasia for all she's been able to help me accomplish in such a short amount of time. A true light worker, I rave about her! She’s making an impact and changing the world, one person at a time.​

Issy Lira, Los Angeles, CA

Akasia has an infectious and genuine zest for life. When you are in her presence you will inevitably attune to a higher frequency of unconditional love and excitement for living a purpose-filled existence. She combines many skills and gifts to bring someone into their highest state of resonance. From this place, all desires will come into focus so the actionable steps to move forward become clear. She is a pure soul and deeply sincere in her desire to serve humanity. 

Helen Vonderheide
Premier Akashic Records Educator, Practitioner, Speaker Boston, MA

It was an amazing experience!  The atmosphere was magical and inspiring. Akasia knows exactly what she is doing and gave me all the answers I needed. I can highly recommend  her Akashic sessions to anyone!

Nadine Muller, Zürich, Switzerland

I had a huge breakthrough at Akasia ’s sound bath! It was my first time at such event and I had no idea what to expect, but it was amazing! I’d been asking God to show me my past because I had lost all my memories. In fact, I was afraid of what I was going to find out. But turns out, I had so many wonderful memories of my life passing through my eyes... it was almost like a “near death experience!” And I realized why I have blocked myself to feel through life.


It’s a huge breakthrough for me that I’ve been seeking and working at, and last night when I was able to relax and let the sounds take my mind to the past on its own without forcing anything... bam! It broke the barrier. Thank you God! Thank you Akasia ! I’m just so grateful!

 Alexis Kaas, Santa Monica CA

Karina N, Culver City, CA

Akasia is one of the most powerful energy practitioner professionals that I've come in contact with. She has a connection that feels like a Jedi Master is moving energy through time and space, strong currents of energy that have a tangible, almost magnetic quality, that powerfully effect change both physically, spiritually and emotionally. 

Akasia is deeply intuitive, kind, and a consummate professional. I have left my sessions feeling calm, balanced, and restored, and recommend her to anyone looking for deep healing, energy balancing and transformation in Los Angeles.

Kristin Silady, Cundys Harbor, Maine

Working with Akasia as a Transformational Coach was a remarkable experience. When I came to her I felt incredibly stuck, lacking the ability to fully engage with life and keep things moving forward.


With her guidance, I was able to gain new insights and new discoveries into my life, behavior, and old patterns. She helped me examine and view things from a higher perspective, and gave me lifelong tools that will continue to shift me onto and along my desired path. 


After working with her I feel not only like a different person, but like I’ve stepped more into my own. It was absolutely a life-changing experience that has left me inspired, but more importantly, knowing and capable. ​

Shane P,  West Hollywood, CA

I had a fantastic experience working with Akasia. I will forever be grateful to have the opportunity to be guided by such a divine, magical woman like Akasia.
Akasia guided me through one of the most difficult times in my life; a time full of emotions, confusion, and uncertainty I couldn't understand. Even after so much previous healing work in different modalities, this time was still very challenging for me.
Akasia's unique and magical way to navigate what I was going through was powerful and centered. She’s an excellent listener and asks powerful questions with no judgement, which was exactly what I needed. 
Akasia moved me from fear, confusion, judgment of self, sadness, and uncertainty to inner peace, clarity and manifesting!  She helped me heal past wounds to find inner peace.  This helped me access a whole new level of manifestation.
Akasia  empowered me never taking credit for the work I did on my own. I love that she owns her magic, yet is humble and gave me credit for the strength to go through a difficult time and do the work with her to get through it. 
Akasia has a unique  way to move you from chaos to happiness, in this order;
Calmness + Clarity + Processing + Acceptance + Healing + Manifestation !
Akasia gave me excellent tools to use every day. Like her fantastic tapping technique, affirmations that both resonate and empower me.  She brought me back to remembering my power and to the divine being that I am. 

Thank you so much Akasia, I will forever be grateful for your medicine and magic!

Karla Isaac, Playa Del Carmen, MX

I had a beautiful Akashic Records reading with Akasia. Her ability  to access my records provided me great clarity around questions I had regarding my relationships and spritual path. 

I felt tremendous connection and presence and a shift in my perspective once the answers were provided. I have absolute faith and trust in her ability to provide solid information during a reading. I highly recommend her services and encourage you to contact her to schedule your next appointment. 

Wendy Hutchinson, Houston, TX

I've been getting Akashic Record readings for several years. I've been working with Akasia most recently, and she is the best!


She has been able to answer all my questions, and she has an amazing, nurturing energy. You can feel her light envelop you as she's guiding you through the reading.


She's a joy to work with, and I always leave our conversations with a wonderful sense of clarity, healing and fulfillment.

I was on the call today and was quite moved by Akasia.


Akasia had calm, safe, inviting energy about her.  She shared her background and her personal journey to reclaim her life after suffering from an abusive marriage, her journey to breakthrough, and finding her inner peace, passion & purpose was amazing to hear.  Then she led us through a simple relaxing repetitive breathing exercise which led into a sound meditation.


I can understand why Nora invited her today, Akasia is very gifted and found her own way back to reclaim her life.  She is an inspiration to us all. 


It was a very peaceful & tranquil experience. I felt moved, and very emotional in my mind, body & spirit. I felt my whole body moving through really dark and evil memories, recognizing & releasing their hold on me, finally feeling lighter, starting to envision what I want again for myself & what's possible.


It was a very peaceful & tranquil experience, that I am so glad I made the time for.

Lisa Ladd, Los Angeles, CA

Erika Nickles, Portugal 

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