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Who is Akasia

I AM Akasia and I am so glad you are here! 

This is where I share 'all the things' about my journey. But where to begin? It is quite the story!

​I AM a Divine Creatrix and Channel for as long as I can recall, not realizing I was doing this before I began working in the healing arts.  I used to wonder how I was magically able to share with strangers something they needed to hear not knowing a thing about them.

I have a unique gift of sensing what you need, where your unhappiness lies, and what is blocking you from living a full and meaningful life. 

Whether that's attracting more LOVE, finding your purpose, magnetizing a healthy relationship that lasts or more money in the bank, I AM here to catalyze you to your dream life. 

I AM a teacher, healer and messenger and my divine purpose is LOVE.  Using powerful modalities I’ve studied and a previous history of lifetimes as a High Priestess, a Goddess of Love, Beauty, Pleasure, Music and Dance in ancient egypt, Sound Healing and more, I will help you remember who you are. I will help you not only understand, but how to release the limiting patterns that you aren’t able to see on your own.  

I empower you to love and accept all the parts of yourself, every single one. I guide you to connect to your unlimited, sacred, oozing with love, sexy, sensual self.  I will show you how to take your power back so you can step into it again Goddess!

akashic records.jpeg

My energy is gentle but I also know well how to make the magic happen! I will teach you what it means to have a healthy balance of the divine feminine and sacred masculine energies. 

During my previous producing career in Hollywood, understanding behavior flowed in harmony. I became known as 'The Specialist' for easily managing the most creative, difficult personalities with true grace. It's no surprise that I was guided back into the world of Healing and Self Development along the way. Which was not easy by any means. In fact, it was quite painful. 


Starting in 2012, ​I went through an incredible period of great loss.  My entire world flipped over in a very short amount of time.  Within three months, I left my best friend and ex-husband of 13 years due to his advanced, overnight drug addiction that was out of control.  I was laid off after crushing it, producing a nine month A-level Celebrity campaign that practically killed me from juggling all the balls that weren't even mine to hold!   I was rear-ended in a car accident that left me unable to work for a year which eventually led to the loss of my property I owned for eleven years. 

I was a people pleasing, validation seeking caretaker and enabler that always put everyone and everything ahead of myself.  My life was one hot mess!  My nervous system was so depleted, I had nothing left. I was alone AF and afraid to ask anyone for help.  


This began my awakening of learning to love myself and my deep inner healing and transformation.  This is when I found the Akashic Records that became my therapy.  One magical session often felt like I had just completed three months of therapy.  It began to peel away the onion layers of my buried emotional heartbreak and pain.  It led me to my true calling of helping other goddesses reconnect to who they really are, just as I have done.  The journey was not a straight shot and a few years later, I became depressed and experienced 3am panic attacks that went on for months. It got so bad I was contemplating how to commit suicide. I even turned away from the Records at this time feeling so lost and confused. 


As the expression goes, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear." That's when I found my mentor who shifted who and how I was being through his powerful processes of healing and transformation. In true Akasia style, I was determined to be the best at what I did. I jumped at the chance to apprentice under him for two years. Not only did my heart continue to re-open, my racing mind released it’s grip. My anxiety was completely gone!  For the first time in decades, I felt at peace, alive, happy, excited and FREE !!

Since then, I've dedicated my life to empowering incredible people just like you to reclaim your power, unleash your confidence, and move through those limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. 

I gently help you heal from old heartbreak, abuse, trauma or disappointment that's weighing you down and limiting what you are able to give and receive.

I help you clear and reprogram your subconscious blocks holding you back from healthy love, peace, abundance, inner freedom or balance. 

I will teach you how to go from feeling like you aren’t good enough to feeling confident & radiant ! 

​I've had clients find their life purpose and open up so they can fully share their gifts with the world in order to make an impact.

I've had clients re-open their hearts to fully experience more love, pleasure, peace and prosperity, etc. 

I can bring you from sadness, confusion and chaos to clarity, inner peace and manifestation, from scarcity to abundance.

​I give you real world tools to move ahead in life freeing yourself from being run by your emotions.

My work is not only my passion, it's my natural born art. 

To the Sacred Masculine : I do work with a few select men but my work generally calls me to  work with women at this time.


Certifications & Trainings include completing a rigorous, 2 year Coach Apprentice and Leadership program with Kute Blackson, a Jesus level healer.  Other studies include Reiki Master, Personal Pathway Akashic Teacher Training, Advanced Akashic Records, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Life Coach @ Life Purpose Institute,  Stott Pilates Instructor Fully Certified 600 hours, Life University.

ABMP Insured.

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