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Welcome home to the empowered, magical, radiant

divine feminine essence that is authentically you.

Welcome Goddess

 You have not arrived here by coincidence.

 I AM Akasia

And I am so glad you are here! 

An international Akashic Records and LOVE Mentor, Writer, Intuitive Healer, Sound, Meditation and Spiritual Guide here to help you remember who you are so that you can live your LOVE filled life with purpose, passion, pleasure and abundance!

I know well from an intense journey of my own hearts healing that we did not come here to suffer, or play small. We did not come to live a limited life feeling anxiously trapped inside that invisible emotional cage. We are unlimited stardust beings and the co-creator of our lives, here to feel and experience the beauty and excitement of life.


And deep down you know you are meant for MORE goddess! More LOVE, More Abundance, More Ecstacy and More Freedom doing what you love ! 

Akashic whaat? What even are,
did you say...   A kash ic Records ???

I've heard that question a thousand times. You are not alone!

The Akashic Records are an incredible tool and healing modality meant to empower and enrich your life, while helping you to create a bright, sexy, pure love filled, abundant future that is your birthright.

Throughout history, the Akashic Records been referred to as the Eye of God, the Book of Life, the Cosmic Mind or the Universal Mind.  Every action, thought, event or word in a souls journey is contained in the Akashic Records.  This energetic library in the 5th dimension contains all past and present lifetimes, along with future possibilities.


If the “Cloud” is an unlimited storage space for the web, the Akashic Records are the “cloud’ storage for every soul in existence.


During an Akashic healing reading, I open your personal records with a sacred invocation prayer. You get to ask questions around any area of your life from love and relationships to health to finances to business advice. Your team of soul guides channels the information through me. What is shared comes from a soul perspective and has a naturally healing effect on your human consciousness. Every Akashic Reading is a healing in some form.


The experience in your records and the messages received can last a lifetime, shifting your perspective to experience your life with greater freedom. The supportive energy both honors and dignifies you as you are seen as whole and perfect with unconditional love instead of our limited minds view. Accessing your personal records is not only for clarity or healing, but also to alleviate lower-vibrational beliefs or emotions, and create lasting shifts to a higher state of consciousness and the circumstances of our lives.

The best way to prepare for an Akashic Record session is to open your mind and heart. This is when great transformation and healing can occur! 

I found the Records myself when I went through a VERY difficult time.  I lost everything in my life at the time. Working in the Akashic Records gave me great healing, guidance and clarity like I had never experienced before. I use them now for everything from business advice, health, relationship issues, karmic releases, writing, soundbaths etc! No topic is off limits.

My Offerings

White Structure

This powerful and insightful Akashic reading provides divine wisdom, clarity and healing when you do not have the objectivity you need to understand your situations, potentials, purpose, trauma or life's struggles. Learn what’s holding you back in any area of your life. Receive guidance for next steps in your business, relationships, health, etc. The channeled info comes from a soul perspective and has a naturally healing effect on your human consciousness. Unlock limitations within yourself for good !


Let’s dive into what's truly holding you back from attracting all of your life's desires!  I gently guide you to release what is blocking LOVE or Abundance from all areas of your life. Trust me, I’ve been there and possess the exact tools that will instead magnetize committed relationships and prosperous opportunities into your world. Receive powerful tools & clarity to move forward with Confidence, Inner Peace & Freedom.  You are not here to live a limited life. It's time to remember who you are!


When you need a quickie! And you seek clarity or guidance around 1-2 questions in your life. This is perfect for you if you would like to have just a few questions answered, when your schedule doesn't allow you to book a full session, and/or you don't feel you need a live working session. You will receive the guidance and clarity you seek within 48 hours of receipt of

your questions via email.

If you need further support, I recommend you go for the 1 hour healing reading session.

What Clients Say ...

Alexis Kaas, Santa Monica CA

Akasia is sincerely devoted to helping souls reach their highest potential. I was referred to her and thought, "I'll just see if she's legit."

Turns out, she is! Akasia is here to share her gifts and her connection to the Universe, through which she helps others find their connection to themselves and the larger Energy. In the best way, it's not about her. She's able to open up and allow so that you can learn what you need.


I had such a fascinating experience doing Akashic readings prior to joining her at a plant medicine retreat. Before the retreat, she was always spot on with my Akashic records readings. Not everything made sense to me at the time even though it felt true to me. During and after the retreat, I saw just how guided she is in what and how she shares the messages, down to the specific words.

During ceremony, I was incredibly grateful for and in awe of Akasia's gentle and nurturing approach to help ease her fellow souls through their journey through her presence and allowing. Her energy was so sweet and reassuring.


She is truly there to create and hold space for you as you up-level and work through your journey.


 Luna D., Naples, Italy

I had a profound healing experience with Akasia. I had a question around

a topic that was burdening me heavily over the past months. I received precious insights from my akashic records. Akasia’s transmission was so pure and clear: it felt like I was talking directly to my wiser higher self, as the information felt to be coming deeply from within me.

It was a profound and empowering experience, because I received confirmation about how I had been feeling deeply within but hadn’t had the courage to look at on my own. With her gentle but firm guidance and her ability to connect not only with my records but also with my whole spirit guide team, I could finally accept my truth and move on from the situation burdening me.

Akasia’s session brought a perceivable inner shift to me and empowered me to step into my own Light.


I highly recommend working with her!

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